Company Buyback of Shares

  • Share valuations and negotiation

  • Funding review and structure

  • Immediate sale with no complex third parties

  • Independent lead advisory team

Delivering Successful Company Buybacks

A company buyback of shares is a popular and attractive route for shareholders to realise value and exit the business. The payment on the buy-back can qualify for capital treatment and is therefore taxed at lower rates than dividends, providing significant tax savings for the exiting shareholder. It is also a win for the shareholders as it uses the company’s existing reserves rather than having to pay personally with income that’s already taxed. Avondale have significant expertise and a history of delivering successful and sensitive share buyback negotiations.

  • Valuation and negotiation to create shareholder alignment on the buy back
  • An independent lead advisory team, saving you time and money and acting in the interests of all parties
  • Understanding and handling any shareholder disputes which may arise, whether broad and complex, commercial or personal to ensure shareholder alignment
  • Reviewing and structuring the funding from distributable reserves, or finding alternative funding if necessary
  • An immediate sale with no complex third parties, apart from ensuring correct filing at Companies House
  • Tax and legal specialists to ensure compliance

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