Business Sale Preparation - Vendor Assist

  • Prepare your company for sale
  • Develop value drivers and reduce ‘red flags’
  • Increase shareholder value

Vendor Assist - Business Sale Preparation

Prepare your company for sale
Develop value drivers and reduce ‘red flags’
Increase shareholder value

Free Business Sale Preparation Confidential & Expert Advice

Prepare your Business for Sale or Investment with Vendor Assist

Avondale’s Vendor Assist is a full evaluation and support service to design a sale or investment-ready business; creating a ‘when’, not ‘if’ position. Our approach to business sale preparation utilises our significant expertise in selling businesses to resolve future challenges, whilst also identifying key value drivers to enhance your pre-sale strategy. The assistance helps drive a ‘we want, we need’ buyer motivation. Our ‘Vendor Assist’ service includes:

  • Valuation – we establish what today’s value is and plan how to build aspiration value
  • Data Room – building your proprietary ‘sale ready’ data room, saving you time and future proofing your commercial strategy
  • Finance Review – helping you ‘fire up’ your numbers for optimum returns
  • Legal Review – identify and reduce key risks and remove ‘showstoppers’
  • Commercial 360 Degree Review – enhance value, influencers and streamline
  • Technology Review (optional) – consider your IT system as a value driver – our specialist team conducts a thorough assessment of all aspects
  • Sale Ready Scorecard – sharing of the scorecard backed by practical key recommendations

Following the evaluation, our dedicated can monitor your progress to value quarterly, half-yearly or go hands-on in interim support to help you drive change.


Our technical guides provide deep insight and practical advice across a variety of essential business sale preparation, valuation and exit strategies topics.
Avondale Guide - Valuation Methods & Multiple Arbitrage for Full & Minority Sale & Company Buybacks

In our Valuation Methods and Multiple Arbitrage guide, we look at how you define value. Is buying cheap a sure way to create value and what should you look for over and above business financials?

Avondale Guide - Exit Strategies by Design

In our Exit Strategies by Design guide, we examine the main types of exit, the types of buyers, and bring to the fore some of the timing considerations around an exit strategy to assist shareholders.

Our on-demand webinars are led by game-changing, accomplished speakers and professionals covering all aspects of business sale preparation and M&A.

Join our M&A Update | Trends, Structures & Valuations webinar on 16th September or browse our Events page for further Avondale and partner events, webinars and briefings.

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