Food & Drink

With origins dating back 150 years, London-based Barrow Lane Ballard (BLB) is a leading supplier of edible nuts to processors, packers, and wholesalers around the world.

Having grown the business during their tenure with the help of a loyal and dedicated management team, the long-term owners of Barrow Lane Ballard wanted to bring their tenure to a close without the sale jeopardising the positions of the firm’s key personnel. Barrow Lane Ballard’s strong industry reputation and the owners’ extensive network of contacts within the sector meant that confidentiality was also a top priority.

Through extensive market research, Avondale identified Loudwater Trade & Finance, an international specialist in instant coffee, as a potential acquirer for BLB. Avondale’s extensive experience in the food and drink sector and an extensive network of international offices, it was felt that Loudwater offered the synergies and capacity to take the business to the next level of its growth.

Avondale was able to negotiate a lucrative exit package for the owners, while maintaining complete discretion throughout the process. The completed deal was delivered quickly, allowing BLB’s management team able to continue their excellent work without interruption. With extensive international contacts in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean regions the new owners committed to growing the company and expanding its worldwide operations, whilst maintaining BLB’s enduring reputation for excellence and reliability.