Wholesale & Distribution

Jacksons (Clear Glass) Ltd is a UK supplier of china, glass, disposable packaging, cleaning products and more in the hospitality market, with a focus on high-quality offerings. The directors are pleased to announce their completed sale and transition into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Founded in 1927, Jacksons have spent the past 90+ years developing into one of the industry’s leading and most respected brands with a £13ml turnover. The business has always had a strong ethos and culture for their employees, making employee ownership the ideal exit strategy for the shareholders and legacy for the business.

The sale to the employees was at full commercial value. Avondale led the whole process from legal, funding, and HMRC clearance, through to employee strategy and establishing the Trustees.

“EOTs are a great and exciting ownership structure which really suited us as a family business, however, the sale process can be complex. Avondale made it simple and have really helped us deliver at every step.

Claire Biggar, Chairperson