In this broadcast, Kevin Uphill, Tim Hardman and Peter Drinkwater discuss unlocking growth and breaking the glass ceiling. They also share why most companies plateau and how to create value in business.

How To Create Value In Business And Promote Growth

To create value in a business is hard and with the current volatility it is even tougher, yet many people still manage to create exceptional businesses. How? The right product or service, time, location, and people are all essential. Capital and cash flow are also critical, but the approach of the leadership team is central to success and needs energy, clarity and confidence.

Building and accelerating growth in a business requires effort, and lots of it. However, by exerting precisely the ‘right effort at the right pressure points’ it is possible to contribute effectively ‘in flow’ to scale-up. How do you know the right effort and points? Well, that is the mastery; but many leaders are too busy to take the time to find those pressure points; leading to inefficiency and exerting efforts in the wrong place. How much time do you spend looking objectively for the right pressure points or strategy to create growth, as opposed to being busy with other people’s agendas or fire-fighting issues?

Business can be easier and more rewarding by focusing on the areas you can control rather than those you cannot, by being positive, strategic, listening and objective at all times. With that mindset, you achieve flow, confidence, clarity and energy, which drives growth and creates value. Let us examine this in more detail in the webinar below.

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