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Avondale have helped ambitious owners with their corporate finance for nearly 30 years, whether for growth, buying, selling or investment. We have a wealth of corporate finance solutions for businesses with a turnover of more than £4 million and access to over £2 billion to invest in partnership with ambitious management teams in the next 5 years.

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Growth finance

The right corporate finance arrangements or equity capital ‘fires-up’ growth and value.

We can both secure and advise on the right options to help you achieve your ambitions. As well as help you design and implement your plan to ensure your raised capital is deployed to deliver maximum results and growth. From asset-based loans, cashflow or equity swap, we have helped hundreds of businesses finance their next step.


Management buyout

Funding, structure, valuation and equity; a one-stop-shop helping management in gaining ownership and assisting sellers. We also help vendor initiated buyouts.

Increasingly, we are helping shareholders implement employee ownership trusts, which are an extremely tax-efficient way of achieving an exit, often in a phased manner.


Private equity investment

With access to over £2 billion to be invested in the next five years, we help ambitious management teams find the right private equity investment or corporate finance to achieve their goals.

Existing shareholders may choose to de-risk and capitalise on their assets whilst retaining stakes (elevator deals). We find you the right approach, best terms and partner.


Buying or selling a business

Our focus is to advise, prepare, research and find the right deal, leading the process from end to end. Our bespoke approach has secured maximum value for hundreds of exiting shareholders.

For acquirers and investors, we identify the right targets and structure the deal.

We advise on all aspects of corporate finance cash, asset or equity. Expertise and experience at every step. Book a meeting or call us in confidence on +44 (0)20 7788 8250.

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Businesses always require cash, particularly if they are growing, therefore the financing journey is continuous. In this Guide we consider the art of financing a deal. Where best to secure the funds, what type of financing plan is best for a particular venture? How can we service the debt? Would we be better off with equity finance or debt, or a mix of both? DOWNLOAD HERE

Note: Avondale can only introduce lenders to limited companies, not individuals or partners. Minority investments can only be introduced to certified sophisticated investors; a person who meets the requirements set out in article 23 of the Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes Order, in article 50 of the Financial Promotions Order, or to Private Equity investors regulated by the FCA. Investors will require their own advice, and shareholders advice on valuation and preference structure should be taken in conjunction with your normal legal and accounting advisors.

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