Realising your ambitions through growth capital

Avondale advise ambitious owners on realising equity value through majority sales and, in combination, supporting them and their management teams to secure additional growth capital. From vision to result we deliver effective buy-ins that secure your legacy, whilst driving your business to the next step of its journey.

Although selling your business on a trade sale may be right, we believe that owners should also consider investment buy-ins. These enable you to realise the significant majority of the exceptional value you have achieved and yet retain a stake for a second audacious round. This fires-up capital for organic growth and acquisitions; in conjunction with your management team and first-in-class investors.

Today there are a myriad of investors and Private Equity firms, but finding partners that understand the hidden value drivers in your business and how to add value as well as capital is about creating competition and cooperation with flair and vision.

It’s about selling the future, with ideas beyond the numbers.

As well as buy-ins, Avondale can also advise on debt structures for growth and acquisitions. We are members of the BVCA. We believe opportunity lies in the right approach and positioning, building on your exceptional strategic value drivers.

What is your ambition? A sale or partial exit, growth capital or de-risk? Avondale create deep understanding, then deliver you the best options with creativity and determination.

Avondale: Accelerating Ambition

Note: Avondale can only introduce lenders to limited companies, not individuals or partners. Minority investments can only be introduced to certified sophisticated investors; a person who meets the requirements set out in article 23 of the Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes Order, in article 50 of the Financial Promotions Order, or to Private Equity investors regulated by the FCA. Investors will require their own advice, and shareholders advice on valuation and preference structure should be taken in conjunction with your normal legal and accounting advisors.

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