IT & Telecommunications

Established in 1995, Surrey-based IntraLAN Group is a leading provider of IT and Telecommunications network support, including bespoke Cloud computing solutions, to thousands of UK businesses.

IntraLAN’s directors were introduced to Avondale through the Institute of Directors. With their initial attempts to sell the business independently returning an offer and terms that did not meet their expectations, the owners were looking for professional advice on whether to proceed with the sale or to source a new buyer. Avondale advised the directors to reject the offer, and set about finding a more suitable acquirer for the business.

Drawing on extensive research capabilities and deep knowledge of the IT sector, Avondale’s strategic marketing of the company generated initial expressions of interest from multiple potential buyers. This resulted in five firm offers. Eli Global, a renowned US private investment firm, was identified as the most suitable strategic acquirer, with the means to generate exciting future growth opportunities for IntraLAN.

Avondale’s team carefully managed the negotiations, securing a high headline value for the company and extremely favourable terms for the exiting directors. With a deal agreed, the transaction closed three months after Avondale’s initial instruction. Two of IntraLAN’s directors agreed to stay on in leadership positions, to help manage the transition and guide the company through to its next phase of growth under Eli Global’s ownership.

“Without Avondale’s careful guidance and project management, we could have ended up accepting a seriously devalued offer from another buyer and fairly negative terms. Avondale persuaded us not to accept the original offer, and gave us the confidence – based on the firm’s track record and knowledge of our sector – to take IntraLAN to the wider market.”

Eric Keane, former CEO, IntraLAN