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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Falcon Document Solutions was a provider of document management system solutions to businesses across the UK.

Having invested more than two decades of time and energy in the growth of their business, the directors of Falcon decided it was time to seek a return on their investment, and sell the company they had worked so hard to build. Keen to secure the best deal possible for their business, Director Richard Gurrfield contacted Avondale for help in increasing Falcon’s value, prior to sale.

Following Avondale’s advice, the directors of Falcon implemented several key changes to the business. These included putting a new senior management team in place, increasing staff accountability and a restructure of the sales team. These changes proved successful, and Falcon’s value as a company significantly increased. Avondale’s team then led a series of acquisition discussions and negotiations to help establish and optimise Falcon’s market value.

Seven months after the launch of the sale, the company was acquired at the desired value, by Corona Corporate Solutions (CCS), one of the longest-standing business telecoms providers in the UK. Falcon is now a part of the larger CCS group and is able to offer a far wider range of office and document solutions.