Essex-based Collins Youldon Ltd was a manufacturer of hose reels, cable drums and related products with a strong family heritage. The company’s client base included both the fire and vehicle tanker industries.

After many years, the owner of Collins Youldon wanted to embrace a change of lifestyle, and enjoy slower pace of life. As the company had been passed down over three generations, the decision to sell carried strong emotional significance; he was keen to sell the business for a high price whilst also ensuring the survival and continue success of the Collins Youldon brand.

Once instructed by the vendor, Avondale undertook extensive market research for a suitable buyer. Collins Youldon had become a UK leader in its niche market, and had an extensive sales network in Europe with 40% of revenues generated through exports. As such, Avondale focused its research efforts on finding a buyer that would be able expand the business on an international as well as a domestic level.

Avondale’s market research identified a suitable purchaser: Asfare Group Plc, a specialist supplier of products and services to the Emergency and Security industries. With extensive resources and economies of scale, it placed Asfare in a strong position to grow the previously family-owned business and expand its reach internationally.

“We are delighted to be purchasing Collins Youldon. The company excellent synergies with our existing business and will be a natural partner for AS Fire and Rescue. The quality products and customer relationships that Collins Youldon enjoys will both consolidate our existing position in the UK markets and further our desire to expand into Europe.”

Tim Whightman, Chairman, Asfare Group Plc