Employee Ownership Sales

  • Sell your business at full value – 100% tax-free
  • Incentivise and reward your employees
  • Your perfect option if a trade sale or MBO just isn’t right
  • Approachable and experienced employee ownership specialists

Employee Ownership Sales

Sell your business a 100% tax-free at full value
Reward your employees
Your perfect option if a trade sale or MBO just isn’t right
Approachable and expert employee ownership specialists

Free Confidential & Expert Advice

We are Employee Ownership Experts

Since 2014 more than 350 owners have chosen this tax-effective exit strategy over trade sales or management buy outs. Let us help you sell your business and reward your team.

  • We are the only advisors that can prepare your employee-owned sale and provide structure, valuation, finance, legal, trustees and transition support
  • Typically vendor-led sales with structured deals to realise value over time
  • Our employee ownership service is first class and discrete from start to finish
  • We support in ‘backfilling’ your management transition to ensure succession
  • Our lead advisors giving you personal service throughout

We are skilled employee ownership experts and believe that employee sales should be commercial in terms of return to the seller shareholders while creating completely purposeful, employee-driven and strategically advantaged businesses on completion. Read our Q&A about employee ownership business sales HERE.

Latest Case Studies


With our Employee Ownership Trusts guide, we help business owners and management teams better understand how an EOT may help shareholders create succession and secure shareholder value, whilst creating the legacy of a sustainable business working for the benefit of all staff members.

Employee Ownership Guide

Have a look at our How Employee Ownership Compares guide to learn about the difference between trade sales, growth capital, management buyout and employee ownership. The factors considered include valuation, timescale, process, employees as well as future business and handover.

Employee Ownership Insight

An increasing number of owners are now assessing the benefits of selling their businesses to their employees via trusts versus an open-market business sale. This process can be vendor-led, does not require the employees to drive it and valuations are a commercial discussion with no requirement for the involvement of a 3rd party.

Our Employee Ownership Insight provides an overview of the advantages of selling to an Employee Ownership Trust, valuations and funding to help business owners understand the basics of the benefits and process.

Our on-demand webinars are led by game-changing, accomplished speakers and professionals covering all aspects of employee ownership sales. Value starts with sharing ideas, insights and networks. Our approach is open, creative and impactful.

Hear from Eric Keane, managing director of IFSL about their journey and transition to employee ownership, supported by Avondale HERE.

Our regular series of ‘Lead Ahead’ articles and thought pieces help you gain advantage covering EOTs, finance, mergers, investment, technology, cost reduction and operational efficiency.

Discuss Employee Ownership Sales in Complete Confidence

Avondale’s Principal Consultants are skilled employee ownership specialists with significant expertise in valuing businesses, cash flow modelling and gaining HMRC clearance. 

We are unique in the EOT market as we also have in-house hands-on expertise to lead the cultural transition within a business. We believe EOTs should be completely commercial in terms of the return to the seller shareholders, and then on sale, the business should become an employee-driven strategically advantaged business.

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