Is being Employee-Owned the Future?

The economy is slowly opening after the lockdown. Hopefully, the ice will gently thaw, albeit warm weather may be some way off. We have already written about how an economic slowdown should encourage evaluation, and the latest news on this came from the John Lewis Partnership. This goliath of the high street announced last week that they are looking for a partner to help them expand beyond retail to services. They have also refused to rule out the permanent closure of some less viable stores after the lockdown.

This webinar contains information on the benefits of an employee-owned business model; how it rewards employees, creates a gradual exit strategy, ensures succession and leaves the business as a legacy. In addition, we also discuss controlling valuation post Covid-19 and capital gains tax benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about M&A in the Covid-19 world, you can read our accompanying article – ‘Effective Employee-Owned Business Model Post-COVID-19here, where we go further in depth on the topic. Otherwise, enjoy the webinar below.

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