How To Prepare a Business for Sale During the Covid Pandemic

In this broadcast, Kevin Uphill and Tim Hardman discuss how to be sale ready despite volatility, how to create a standout position and a ‘we want, we need’ buyer motivation and how to scale to sell. They also share why information technology is critical and how this in itself can drive value.

The M&A market continues to be buoyant, with buyers actively seeking out investments. In the main, this is due to trade buyers need to make acquisitions to shift their business models and create scale and there is private capital looking for a yield which smaller companies can bring. Company valuations are holding, however, if your plan to sell your business has been put on hold by the coronavirus, you can take practical steps now that will further increase that worth… So, the question is, how do you maximise your companies’ value and prepare for a business sale?

These are the questions we will seek to answer in this webinar and the accompanying article – ‘9 Critical Steps to Prepare a Business for Sale During COVID-19’ here.

The most important part when you prepare a business for sale is without a doubt the 9th critical step from the aforementioned article, which is as follows:

Get the Right Professional Team: Advisory is Crucial to Prepare a Business for Sale

Selling a business might be the largest transaction you undertake. The approach can make a fundamental difference in both its achievement and financial realisation at maximum value.  Beyond positioning and preparation how the process is managed to create an auction is important. Furthermore, transactions are technical and therefore even if you have known buyers, appointing a quality intermediary who understands you, your sector as well as the technicalities, is a key-value driver when you prepare a business for sale and, eventually, sell your bussiness.


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