Why do so many business owners look to sell their businesses in January?

2019 – Another year of unceasing responsibly for everything. All the time. 24/7.

Staff challenges, new and lost customers, business admin, early starts and late finishes; Brexit uncertainty, the list goes on.

If that sounds exciting, thrilling and really engaging then you may not need to read on.

If it doesn’t, then let me tell you why you’re not alone in thinking that way and how you can get started on changing things.

Christmas is often a significant period for business owners. There’s a small window of time that allows each one to reflect on their life, what they’re doing with it and what they’d like to do with it.

And with owning and running their business taking, quite often, the lion’s share of their time to the detriment of everything else, it is only logical to see this as the opportunity to explore the opportunities to change this.

After all, no-one looks back on their life and thinks ‘I wish I’d spent more time working’.

Sound familiar so far?

Of course, your business has provided you with your lifestyle, financial support and security, but what’s the point if you have little time to enjoy it?

There’s a song by 70s Ska band The Specials which is entitled ‘Have fun, it’s later than you think’. It’s not widely known and yet its words are so poignant. What is that ‘fun’ though? It can be whatever makes you happy and typically this falls into these categories:

Family – Children and grandchildren can seem to grow up very quickly when you’re working flat out. And older relatives will not be around forever. Time with them is something that you can never recover. What would you be doing if you were free to spend time with them today?

Friends – How much time do you spend with them and how often do you think to yourself ‘I didn’t see some of my friends for years, let alone months?’. Have you simply lost touch with many?

Leisure pursuits – Time may have limited you from many leisure pursuits but whether it is golf, cycling, football or something else you always enjoyed doing, how often have you had to put your business demands above them? When was the last time you had time to enjoy them? Months or years ago?

A new business venture – Remember the excitement of starting your business? Imagine doing it again but without the pressures, with your financial security already confirmed. Imagine what you could do with the experience, skills and money you have now. An exciting new business but one which fits around your friends, family and leisure pursuits.

Retirement – You may have spent many years working and with your financial security established you can enjoy … well everything and anything. With the weight of running your business removed, sleepless nights and early starts can be a thing of the past.

2019 could be the most exciting year for you if you choose to sell your business. Selling, or choosing another option, will take you on a life-changing journey but it can lead you to your new life, full of friends, family, new opportunities, new leisure pursuits and, quite honestly, anything you’ve never had the time to do in the past.

Next Christmas could be full of far more cheer than this one so why not call me on 01737 240888 or contact us to find out more and make time the lion’s share of your life?

PS: One business owner even contacted us on Christmas Day!

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