Remote Work and Its Impact On Business 

In this broadcast, Kevin Uphill explores the opportunities for efficiency in business operations, remote work, leading to increased profit, enhanced shareholder value and improved business value. He looks at working from home and conjoining systems, increasing collaboration and reducing the management layer cake.

IT now sits firmly at the heart of businesses, making up a remote working ‘Business Hub’ of remote work- however flimsy or sophisticated it is. Coronavirus has enforced nearly every organisation to embrace virtualisation, however, research suggests that many businesses have layer cake operational and divisional models where IT has been bolted on (the spoke) to help create efficiency. The future, however, is far simpler; every business is a business modelled around the technology (the business hub, or just the hub) from the ground up.

This is going to take some organisational design work for traditional businesses reluctant to positively disrupt themselves. The Coronavirus has just given business a real crisis that actually catapults this thinking, with a common solution seeming to either be a hybrid mix of remote and office work or simply fully remote. For better or worse, not many employers are suggesting a return to the pre-Covid situation.

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