Simon Baldwin

Senior M&A Advisor

Simon established his career as a young entrepreneur, building several successful businesses in the 1990’s. He has been with Avondale since 1998, bringing his knowledge as both an entrepreneur and his experience in mergers and acquisitions direct to clients.

Outside of M&A, Simon is a keen triathlete and motor-racing driver. This competitive nature is also directly applied to his M&A work, as the incredibly focused and ambitious Simon has a down to earth approach that ensures clients always get results, but with fun on the way.

Beyond sport, Simon is a keen family man, but avoids all forms of DIY with the same passion he brings to M&A. With over 2 decades of experience, Simon combines professionalism with approachability, leading to much of Simon’s work coming from recommendation.

T: +44(0)1737 949064
M: +44(0)7740 214221