The Avondale Scale Board of Chief Executives

The Avondale Scale Board of Chief Executives is our initiative to promote growth in business. Each board brings together up to 14 chief executives and peers to identify and implement scale projects within your company. As a result you increase and enhance peak performance.

At Avondale, we recognise that to build and accelerate growth in your business is time consuming and exhausting. We know the pressures of day to day tasks and business imperatives can drain resources and impede growth.

We have strategies to help you focus on the big picture, concentrate on the areas you can control, inject positive disruption and dynamic energy.

Our Scale Boards exist to drive the Scale-up of your business and we look to achieve a company which is three times its current size. We do this by putting the expertise and experience of your team members to work; identifying 18 key projects which will accelerate the profitable growth in your business and empower your people to achieve success.

  • Meets online for half a day, twice per month.
  • In addition, the Board meets together as an offline group for 1 day every 4 months in South East UK
  • In a structured programme, we provide a handbook and mentoring every step of the way.

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