Food & Drink

The UK Foodhall is a leading provider of locally-sourced food to schools offering a unique product range, in line with British schools’ healthy option guidelines.

Having developed a successful and highly profitable niche business, UK Foodhall’s original shareholders felt the time was right to seek an exit from the business and to capitalise on their investment. The owners instructed Avondale to identify a buyer with the necessary capital to offer cash on completion and support the next phase of the company’s growth.

The Avondale worked closely with UK Foodhall’s owners and core management team to develop the best-selling positioning for the company. From a large initial cohort of interested parties, Avondale crafted a shortlist of ten well-funded buyers. The Avondale team then carefully vetted each of the prospective acquirers to find the most suitable candidate.

Once the right buyer was identified, Avondale was able to close the transaction in a short timeframe of only two months. Cash was paid on completion of the deal, allowing the original shareholders to walk away with a healthy return on their investment and in a strong position to pursue new business ventures.

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