Creating competitive advantage and shareholder value

Avondale partners with company leaders to enhance business models and create competitive advantage through strategy or mergers and acquisitions. We specialise in creating and realising shareholder value. We build deep understanding, look to the future and deliver real solutions and change with hands-on consulting or mentoring.

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Value builder

Creating and realising shareholder value is as much an art as it is a science. We help leaders prepare companies for sale and build companies around value drivers. Our value builder work can be hands-on consulting to drive change or regular value mentoring to help you increase both exit multiple and margin.


M&A strategy

In volatility lies opportunity; ‘why’ is clear to thrive. ‘How’ and ‘what’ is often less obvious, in particular understanding your options around mergers, acquisitions and investment. Yet, carried out correctly, these activities fire-up growth as well as secure significant wealth and build better, more purposeful companies.


Competitive advantage

More and more of us make our living on ideas. The opportunities are boundless with imagination. How do you design better organisations, increase productivity or harness technology? Our team of experts help leaders be ahead, driving growth and change both in concept and execution.



Our work with business leaders has created amazing results enabling both scale-up and creating and realising shareholder value. We help leaders create a plan of action to achieve their long-term plans and support them with the execution. We believe in results, not reports, harnessing ambition to delivery. We guarantee fresh perspectives and positive change.

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Creating Competitive Advantage: How to be Strategically Ahead in Changing Markets by Kevin Uphill, Avondale Chairman

The economic environment is global, highly sophisticated and in continuous fast flux. The challenge for business leaders, executives and strategists is to read and respond agilely to trends and underlying movements to stay ahead of dynamic market flow and change. Through theory, case studies and practical insights, the book demonstrates how better analysis of market trends and scanning of the environment combined with business model change and confident leadership can gain and maintain competitive advantage. ORDER HERE

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