Technical Guides

Our guides provide deep insight and practical advice across a variety of essential business sale and acquisition topics. Each one has been carefully written and crafted to assist your understanding of M&A. Throughout every guide, we provide detailed information and concise answers to the leading questions asked by all business owners and shareholders.

In this guide we look at how you define value. Is buying cheap a sure way to create value and what should you look for over and above business financials? Moving further on, are forecasts, more important than the past and what are the key valuation risks that you should be aware of?

This guide to employee ownership is written to help business owners and management teams better understand how an EOT may help shareholders create succession and secure shareholder value, whilst creating the legacy of a sustainable business working for the benefit of all staff members.

In this guide we examine the main types of exit, the types of buyers, and bring to the fore some of the timing considerations around an exit strategy to assist shareholders.

Acquisitions can sit at the heart of effective business growth and shareholder value strategy. They are however technical and require a robust expert approach and good advisors to ensure success. Here we examine the strategic issues surrounding acquisitions and the positive impact they have on shareholder value.

Businesses always require cash, particularly if they are growing, therefore the financing journey is continuous. In this Guide we consider the art of financing a deal. Where best to secure the funds, what type of financing plan is best for a particular venture? How can we service the debt? Would we be better off with equity finance or debt, or a mix of both?