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Key Considerations for Selecting a Professional M&A Advisor

Key Considerations for Selecting a Professional M&A Advisor

Undertaking your business sale is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. An M&A advisor will help enable you to achieve maximum value and an optimum deal structure.

When looking to appoint an M&A advisor, ensure your selection is based on track record, ability to create highly strategic transactions at maximum value, experience, research resources, international approach and technical deal structure knowledge. It is also important to make sure fees are linked to success deliverables; avoid high non-performance based time fees to get the greatest return.

The right advisor will engage with your objectives right from the start and will take the time to truly understand your business to ensure you achieve your goals.

To assist with the process we’ve put together a suggested checklist to adopt when conducting your search for the right M&A advisor.

M&A Advisor Selection Checklist

1. Do the advisors have a genuine and proven track record in the marketplace?

2. Do they provide references from their sold, current and off-market clients? (If they can’t provide then best avoid them)

3. Will it be the same consultant throughout to ensure a trusted relationship and a true understanding of your business?

4. Does the consultant and organisation have the technical expertise to sell your business at maximum value?

5. Is their research approach thorough and detailed to maximise your market?

6. Are the fees linked to key steps in the sale process, rather than time-based or monthly retainers?

7. What is the average number of projects per consultant and are they are able to invest sufficient time on your sale?

8. Are they giving the best advice and suggesting a variety of options to achieve your goals?

9. Are they respected in the industry or a preferred partner?

The process is complex and requires significant understanding and care, by following the checklist and considerations above, this will enable you to find the right dedicated M&A advisor that will manage the M&A technicalities whilst enabling you to maintain focus on your business.

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