Avondale Expertise: How we doubled the offer for a business

Expertise is a word used by many companies but what does it mean? What difference does expertise actually make? In this example, one of the first in a series, we’re going to show you the difference our expertise has made when selling just one of our clients’ companies:

When a mid-sized technical commissioning company was approached by a major international manufacturer with a view to acquiring them, they turned, initially, to their accountant for help. Working together they compiled a document covering the company’s history, the services it provided and a list of key clients. Included at the end of the document was their asking price.

Predictably, the potential buyer did not see the value that the seller did and offered almost 50% less. With the seller being unable to provide solid reasons for their valuation they chose to bring in Avondale to provide the expertise they so badly needed.

This expertise was immediately applied through direct meetings with their potential buyer to fully research their reasons for looking to buy our client. We needed to know why they failed to see the value of the business.

Following this research, a professional and expertly prepared proposal was created by us which, amongst many other important elements, included future revenue pipeline information, forecast revenues, marketplace developments and a number of other opportunities for the business going forward.

When presented with such compelling and expertly prepared information the buyer agreed to meet our client’s original sale price, doubling the price they initially offered. This is Avondale expertise in action.

If you would like to find out more about how we can apply this expertise to the sale of your business, please call 0843 6344 901 or click here.

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