2019's Most Comprehensive Business Sale Seminar

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Selling a business can be complex, with a great many factors to consider. Each factor can mean the difference between success or costly failure.

The Market Today | Valuation Principles and Drivers 
  • NEW: BREXIT – What impact does Brexit have on company sale values and should you sell now or wait?
  • NEW: The business sale marketplace in 2019 – what do we predict will happen and what will make the greatest differences for business owners considering selling now?
  • NEW: Employee Ownership Trusts – how selling to staff can bring about considerable tax benefits for business owners and resolve succession issues
  • Valuation formula – Learn how standard industry formulas can calculate your business value
  • Adjusting the P&L and Balance Sheets
  • Investment returns and P/E Ratios – What are they are how do they impact the value of your business?
  • The strategic and competitive sale environment – what you need to know
  • Case studies – What happened when these owners took their businesses to market


Buying and Selling a Business – The Legal Aspects
  • Preparation and housekeeping – What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them?
  • Transaction processes and key documentation – Cutting through the legal jargon
  • Contractual protections- what are well structured company sales?
  • After your sale – What happens when you company has sold?


Enhancing Value and Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Business stages- Understand where your business is in its cycle and how this impacts your strategy
  • Equity valuation influencers – Where is the value in your business and how can this help you now?
  • Leadership v Management – Which activities enhance your business value?
  • Line of probability – How can you see better where to steer your business?
  • Adaptive organisations – How you can create a leaner, more agile businesses, that is future proof and truly desirable to buyers?
  • Focus strategy – Learn how to gain clarity, confidence and energy in creating value and a better business plan with competitive advantage
  • Enhancing value- What do buyers look for when assessing your business and how to create the ‘we want we need’ motivation.


Tax – What Business Leaders Need to Know
  • Selling Overview
  • Sellers Planning
  • Deal Structure
  • Post-Sale


Maximising the Transaction Process and Summary
  • Optimise your market- Who are the right buyers for your business and how do you find them?
  • Acquisition Integration – Acquisitions are a great way to grow companies. How can you make sure they happen rather than leave them to chance? How do you pick the winners buy them and best integrate.

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